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Everyone needs protein. Protein is one of the most important nutrients the body needs for proper growth. Proteins are essential as they help build the muscles, tissues, cells, blood, bones, etc. Without proteins the body will basically break down; there will be no replenishing and repairing of damaged tissues. Masszymes enzymes review image together with the supplements facts and detailed ingredient

Considering that protein is very important to the body, the digestion of protein is essential in the same manner. When there is no proper digestion of the protein, it simply can’t perform its task. There are enzymes also present in the body that aids this protein digestion process and we would be looking at this process in detail.


Proteins are macromolecules that are made up of different molecules of amino acids. A protein can comprise of 20 different types of amino acids.

The nutrients provided by the protein are ideally carried by the amino acids. That’s why the end product of any protein gives amino acids. The body can only produce nine out of the twenty amino acids, the remaining eleven can only be gotten from external sources like the food we eat.

Those 11 amino acids are often regarded as essential amino acids. There are different sources of proteins that are accessible to us. We have high-quality protein sources and other protein sources.

  • High-quality protein sources are sources that comprise of all the essential amino acids. Examples include seafood and dairy products. Food like fish, meat, eggs, cheese, are considered high-quality protein sources. They are also known as whole proteins.

  • Other Protein Sources only contain few essential amino acids, unlike the whole proteins. Examples are beans, nuts, etc. It’s recommended to combine them with whole proteins to ensure an adequate supply of essential amino acids to the body.The image is a picture of masszymes enzymes product review image


Enzymes are also a form of protein. They act as biological catalysts to aid metabolism reactions in the body. Enzymes help catalyze all forms of metabolism including digestion. They break down food from macromolecules into smaller units that allow the body to absorb the nutrients easily.

An enzyme only reacts with a part of the substance which is known as the substrate. As a result, enzymes differ based on the type of substrate they react with. Enzymes that react with carbohydrate substrates are different from that of the proteins. Examples of carbohydrates-based enzymes are ptyalin, amylase, trypsin, lipase, protease, etc.


There is no one enzyme that breaks down protein into amino acids alone. There are several enzymes involved in the process. We are going to be looking at the protein digestion process and the enzymes involved in the process.

Protein Digestion

While digestion actually starts in the mouth when you chew your food, protein substrates don’t start digesting food until it gets to the stomach. The enzymes (amylase and lipase) present in the saliva basically attacks carbohydrates and fats, that’s why protein goes undigested from the mouth.

When protein substrates get into the stomach, they’re immediately attacked by an enzyme known as protease. The protease contains an enzyme called pepsin. Pepsin is one of the most active protein-digesting enzymes present in the stomach. It breaks down the protein macromolecules into amino acids.

Amino acids are held together by bonds called the peptides. The protease will break these peptide bonds and create a chain link of the amino acids known as the polypeptides. These polypeptides then move into the small intestine for the next phase of digestion.

The pancreatic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidase) further break down the polypeptides before they move into the duodenum through the pancreatic duct. The small intestine has the microvilli that allow an increase in surface area for easier absorption of the broken amino acids and other nutrients. Once absorbed, it goes into the bloodstream and travels to all the parts of the body.


Maximizing protein nutrients in the body is essential and it can only be optimized by proper digestion. MassZymes is an advanced enzyme formula and supplement that helps optimize protein digestion. Its enzymes are made specifically for the purpose of optimizing digestion.


The supplement provides a lot of benefits and has special features that allow it to be efficient. It breaks down more protein than your body can without it.

  • Key Ingredients: MassZymes enzymes contain vital enzymes that aid effective protein digestion. We’ll be looking at some of them to see why they’re essential. They are;

  1. Protease: As mentioned earlier, protease is the most active enzyme in the stomach. It breaks down protein into smaller polypeptides. Since protease is one of the major ingredients in MassZymes, the level of protein digestion increases exponentially. MassZymes even contains four different kinds of protease supplement.

  2. Peptidase: Peptidase is another form of the protease. It also breaks down protein molecules into amino acids but it often works through the hydrolysis mechanism.

  3. Bromelain: Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that can be gotten from pineapples. Research shows bromelain has the power to pass through the walls of the small intestine and enter into the bloodstream. Apart from being a digestive aid, it helps reduce inflammation and also remove dead skins.

  4. Amylase: Amylase is found in saliva in the mouth. It mainly breaks down carbohydrates and fats into maltose. When you chew food, the amylase works on it and starts breaking down the starch substrates. In so doing, making it easy to digest protein substrates in the stomach and small intestine.

  5. Alpha- galactosidase: Alpha-galactosidase is a kind of enzyme that hydrolyzes alpha-galactosyl from glycolipids and glycoproteins. They’re commonly used in supplements because they help reduce bloating.

  6. Glucoamylase: Glucoamylase is also known as amyloglucosidase. It helps by breaking the long chain of carbohydrates into simple sugars that generate energy. It also regulates blood sugar when we eat.

  7. Lipase: The lipase is an enzyme present in the mouth and secreted in the pancreas. It basically helps break down fats into smaller units.

  8. Lactase: Lactase is a common enzyme supplement. It aids the digestion of lactose by breaking it down into simpler sugars like glucose and galactose.

  9. Phytase: Phytase is the enzyme that breaks down phytate acid. The phytate acid is a kind of indigestible phosphorus found mostly in grains. Phytase is not produced in the body so it can only be gotten from supplements.

  10. Invertase: Invertase is also one of the enzymes that break down carbohydrates in the body.

  11. Malt Diastase: Malt Diastase was the first enzyme to be discovered and it’s gotten from malt. It also aids the digestion of carbohydrates by breaking it down into maltose.

  12. Hemicellulase: Hemicellulase is an enzyme produced by the bacteria in our esophagus. It helps break down hemicellulose commonly found in foods that are high in fiber.

  13. Pectinase: Pectinase is an enzyme that helps break down the pectin in plant foods.

  14. Beta Glucanase: Beta Glucanase mainly breaks down the food that contains beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are a kind of fiber commonly found in yeasts, wheat, oats, and barley.

  15. AstraZyme: The AstraZyme present in MassZymes is a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes. It’s a combination of enzymes, minerals, and other substances that enhances the breaking down and digestion of protein.


MassZymes enzymes provide a range of benefits. They include:

  • Enhancing the digestive system: The digestive system is a vital part of our body. The product improves protein digestion and enhances overall digestion in the body. It also removes unwanted gas or undigested protein that might want to cause bloating.

  • Boosting the immune system: The product increases nutrients absorption in the body with over 50%. This way more nutrients needed for the immune system are being provided.

  • Muscle Growth: Amino acids help build the muscles in our body. One of the major tasks of the MassZymes enzymes is to break down more protein into amino acids. When there are more amino acids present in the body, there’s more growth for the muscles.

  • Increase in Energy levels: The product contains a number of enzymes that help convert carbohydrates into simple sugars used for energy. It increases the energy level in the body significantly within a short period of time.

  • Quick recovery: Proteins are needed for tissue repairs. The product allows for faster absorption of amino acids which in turn aids quick recovery of damaged tissues or torn muscles.

  • Other benefits from MassZymes include reduced joints pain, improved mental health, etc.


Below are some of the reasons to consider MassZymes as your go-to supplement.


One of the major concerns about using a product is the side effects. MassZymes are not known to have any side effects during and after use. So there is no need to worry about side effects when buying the product.


MassZymes are formulated in capsules so they’re easy to use. The dosage ranges from 1-3 capsules with each meal and 1-2 capsules between each meal.


MassZymes are available for order at the MassZymes product website.


The prices are consumer-friendly and you get free shipping if you’re buying more than one bottle from the website.

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